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  • Microphone Ear Buds

    Microphone Ear Buds

    Set of 122 cm earbuds with the choice of three different bud sizes for a comfortable fit. Has the added feature of a hands free microphone and is nicely presented in a strong plastic carry case. Branding is on the carry case. A production lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

    From $5.43

  • 3-in-1 Desk Cube

    3-in-1 Desk Cube

    Handy desk cube with a phone stand. Contains a set of earbuds which match the trim colour of the cube and a microfibre cloth. A production lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

    From $3.47

  • Cyberdyne Bluetooth Headphones

    Cyberdyne Bluetooth Headphones

    Premium multifunction Bluetooth headphones designed for superior comfort which produce crystal clear sound reproduction and feature three stunning branding options including debossing. They are compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth with a wireless connectivity range of approximately 10 metres. Cyberdyne has a continuous playing time of approximately 16 hours and an inbuilt microphone allows the user to receive and make phone calls. They support A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles which allow the headphones to control functions on compatible devices such as changing the music track, adjusting the volume, accepting incoming calls and even taking selfie photos. The headphones are easily recharged in approximately three hours by connecting them to any USB power source with the supplied cable. They are beautifully presented in an elegant EVA carry case which can be branded to match the headphones.

    From $40.50

  • Ring Bluetooth Earphones

    Ring Bluetooth Earphones

    From $28.37

  • Bluetooth Soundbar

    Bluetooth Soundbar

    From $59.60

  • Ring Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Ring Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    From $17.40

  • Infinity Bluetooth Speaker

    Infinity Bluetooth Speaker

    Superior Bluetooth speaker which produces exceptional, high volume crystal clear stereo sound from a dual speaker array with a built in sub-woofer to enhance bass reproduction. It is equipped with NFC technology (Near Field Communication) which allows Bluetooth devices that support NFC to pair with the speaker simply by placing them within proximity. Other features include a built in microphone for phone and conference calls and music can be played and paused or tracks switched directly from the speaker. Infinity is compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth and has a wireless connectivity range of over 10 metres with the option to use an audio cable if required. Playing time is 6-8 hours and it is easily recharged from a laptop, power bank or USB mains charger. The front and back panels are designed for stunning full colour printing and it is beautifully presented in a gift box along with a USB cable, an audio cable and the instruction leaflet.

    From $52.50

  • Ring Max Bluetooth Speaker

    Ring Max Bluetooth Speaker

    From $23.51

  • Ring Combo Bluetooth Power Speaker

    Ring Combo Bluetooth Power Speaker

    From $31.34

  • Mood Sound

    Mood Sound

    From $96.42

  • LightSounds Premium 2200mAh

    LightSounds Premium 2200mAh

    From $63.53

  • Dynamic Headphones

    Dynamic Headphones

    From $24.20

  • Volcano3


    From $33.92

  • Logo Charge MFI

    Logo Charge MFI

    From $21.60

  • Octopus2 with USB-C

    Octopus2 with USB-C

    From $5.66

  • iCables MFI - USB-C, Ligthning, Micro USB

    iCables MFI - USB-C, Ligthning, Micro USB

    From $16.70

  • Xoopar Boy Mini

    Xoopar Boy Mini

    From $31.23

  • Music Bottle 2

    Music Bottle 2

    From $32.76

  • Solar Charger 10000mAh

    Solar Charger 10000mAh

    From $39.72

  • Bluetooth Keyboard

    Bluetooth Keyboard

    From $26.06

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